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Black Cat
Black Cat AcademyBlack Cat
PumpkinBlack Cat Academy Home - Black Cat AcademyPumpkin
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Moon{Version 1: Bring on the Night}Moon
Baby WitchWelcome to Black Cat Academy; the Fantasy Roleplaying site with a creative twist, that uses doll dress-up games that really let your creativity flow!Baby Witch
Wiccan Graphics - All About WiccaWiccan Graphics - All About WiccaWiccan Graphics - All About WiccaWiccan Graphics - All About WiccaWiccan Graphics - All About WiccaWiccan Graphics - All About WiccaBlack Cat Academy Home - Black Cat Academy[Untitled][Untitled]

CauldrenBlack Cat AcademyCauldren

Black Cat Academy is an all girls Magick school where you can learn about herbs, stones, candles, spells and more!
Create your own dorm room, buy pets, and more!

Black Cat Academy Home - Black Cat AcademyDragonscale VillageBlack Cat Academy Home - Black Cat Academy
Dragonscale is where you can go to do all your shopping, play as a human, go to the bakery and Ice Cream Parlor and explore the crystal cavern.

Black Cat Academy Home - Black Cat AcademyCoyote ForestBlack Cat Academy Home - Black Cat Academy
Coyote Forest is where the Fairies live. Each fairy controls one things, whether it be fruit or anger. Coyote forest is large and vast and fun to explore.

Black Cat Academy Home - Black Cat AcademyPearl Bay Black Cat Academy Home - Black Cat Academy
Pearl Bay is all sun, sand and surf. It is also where the Mermaids hang out. The mermaids are troublesome, so you better watch out, and don't get pranked by them!

LollipopLollipop Academy Lollipop
Lollipop Academy is where the cute adorable little Sugar Cuties go to be taught how to be more adorable. There's a cooking class, a class on designing cute outfits, and more!

Black Cat Academy Home - Black Cat AcademyThe Blood CryptBlack Cat Academy Home - Black Cat Academy
The Blood Crypt is where all the vampires hang out in the morning...but in the evening; watch out! These night-crawlers will try to bite! If one tries to attack you...go into the nearest house; they can't come in unless you invite them.

Cloud Palace - Black Cat AcademyCloud PalaceCloud Palace - Black Cat Academy
Cloud Palace is where the angels live. Angels were created by the gods and have one person or witch that they are assigned to. They follow them around all day, helping them, and at night go to the cloud palace.

Pirate FlagThe Fallen Angel Pirate Flag
The Fallen Angel is the ship that the pirates sail. The ship's captain is Captain Mad Mary Flint, who is slightly crazy, but none the less, a very good captain and runs the ship well.

Sodapop!Sodapop Academy Sodapop!
Sodapop Academy is the oppisite of Lollipop Academy; teaching boys how to be gentlemanly. The boys who go their are called Sprite Kids, and many of them like the Sugar Cuties.

Crystal BallAishe's CaravanCrystal Ball
Aishe is the best known gypsy fortune teller in all of everywhere; everyone at Black Cat Academy, Lollipop Academy, Sodapop Academy, and everywhere else know about her. She uses Tarot Cards, Runes, Dowsing and more to tell accurate fortunes. If you seek something, go to her.

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Create a Fairy
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Create an Angel
Create a Pirate
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Black Cat Academy Home - Black Cat Academy

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